Pengxin Group unveiled at 2019 Moscow Oil and Gas Exhibition


MIOGE-2019 Moscow International Oil and Gas Exhibition opened on the 23rd at the Klouse International Convention and Exhibition Center in Moscow. The four-day exhibition covers oil and gas services, exploration and development and production equipment, oil and gas transportation and storage equipment, petrochemical and natural gas chemical equipment. Nearly 100 Chinese companies participated in the exhibition, and the scale and number of exhibitors were the highest in history. Zhang Xin, the foreign trade department of Pengxin Group, and other three representatives represented the group company and received more than 200 customers, which added to the further development of the Russian market for Pengxin Group.

Peng Xin people in Moscow

Manager Li explains the product to the customer

Russia's oil and gas resources are very rich, with proven reserves accounting for 30% of the world. In the process of oil and gas development, a large number of steel pipes and pipe fittings are required. Therefore, Russia attaches great importance to cooperation with international oil and gas equipment manufacturers. Hebei Pengxin Pipeline Equipment Group Co., Ltd. has entered the Russian market for more than ten years, mainly providing low-temperature steel pipes, pipe fittings and other products to Russia. The "Russia ANPZ Hydrocracking Project" signed in 2018 has further consolidated Pengxin Group's confidence in the Russian market.