During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, more than 100 container fittings of the company arrived in Russia safely

Editor:河北鹏鑫管道装备集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2020-03-02 

On March 1, 2020, a long whistle blasted the tranquility of Krasnodar, and a row of container trucks full of pipe products produced by our company slowly entered the construction site. The owners who had been waiting for a long time at the scene and our company's foreign trade partners gave a deep sigh of relief.

After several days of overtime and overtime disassembly work, all products finally entered the warehouse safely. After spot inspection by the owner, 100% of the products manufactured by our company are qualified. The owner highly praises our company's product quality and service!

During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, our company's customer service is difficult, and the delivery of products with quality and quantity on time is a rush for customers, which saves customers a lot of costs. The timely delivery under this international public event reflects Pengxin's thoughtful service and excellent handling of sudden The ability of events is also the cornerstone of our recognition by the owners and the market.

Wish the owners to complete and put into operation as soon as possible!