Pengxin Group New Year Tea Party held in jinghua Fat cattle restaurant


The exchange of stars for the old age, the wind and the sun to welcome the new year. On the occasion of the coming of the New Year on December 31, 201, we will vigorously promote the core values of socialism, enhance the friendship between employees, and create a civilized, healthy and harmonious corporate culture atmosphere. Pengxin Group is in Mengcun Fat cattle restaurant, Mengcun Hui Autonomous County. Held a “Grateful Companion, Dreaming of Peer” New Year Tea Party.

Activity scene


The company's leadership is highly valued by this year's New Year's Tea Party event, and all employees are actively involved. At 11 o'clock in the morning, "Gratefulness, dreams of peers" The New Year's Tea Party will officially begin. First of all, General Manager Zhang Zhongwei delivered a passionate New Year message, all the staff were full of enthusiasm and joy, and the venue was full of festive atmosphere. After the general manager’s speech, Hao Gong, the chief technical officer, issued a certificate of honor for the outstanding employees of 2018.


General Manager's speech

Award ceremony


The lanterns reflected the smiles and the songs accompanied by laughter. After the outstanding employees commended the awards, 15 wonderful programs such as songs, readings, dances and musical instruments were unveiled. The audience often gave warm applause and cheers when they saw wonderful performances. The actors used the music to convey the joy of the New Year and express their common wishes with dance. The tea party will showcase the spirit of the Pengxin Group's vigorous, enterprising and positive spirit. Not only the entire group company has added a festive atmosphere, but also a New Year's greeting to welcome the arrival of 2019.


Through this New Year party, in the new year, we will continue to pursue excellence and explore practice; in the new journey, we will work together to be more diligent and self-reliant. I wish the Pengxin Group's tomorrow is getting better and better!