about us

Company culture

Company Vision

Build an aircraft carrier for the world's equipment manufacturing industry

Peng Xin people have high expectations and are not satisfied with what they have already achieved. Brilliant achievements, determined to create greater glories, to the world Flow equipment manufacturing enterprises marched and hit Pengxin Group Created for world influence and international competitiveness The aircraft carrier of the equipment manufacturing industry.

Company Mission

Bearing the hope of national industry

Pengxin Group has the courage to shoulder heavy burdens and dedication, not only To accomplish outstandingly the major tasks of state delivery Work, and be inspiring and enterprising, constantly surpassing, creating Create a new miracle, to revitalize the national industry, to be true The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is now contributing.

Company Purpose

Provide customers with quality products

Pursue technology leadership and provide customers with high quality system Create products and services to create the best economic efficiency Benefits and social benefits.

Company Goals

China's best world class

Pengxin Group takes "bearing the hope of national industry, Zhang Show the Chinese manufacturing style as the mission, always protect Holding domestic leading position and doing Chinese equipment manufacturing Navigator, become the side of China's equipment manufacturing industry banner.

1、Company core concept

Take people to the future
People to Zhiyuan: Pengxin Group insists on the implementation of people-oriented management. People-oriented, for the benefit of employees, enhance cohesiveness and centripetal force; user-oriented, meet the needs of users, win the trust and loyalty of the users; take the public as the foundation, care for the society, and gain public praise and support. Only when the minds of the people and the expectations of the people return can create tremendous strength and create a long-term foundation.
Winning by strength: Market competition wins the fittest, only the strong players have no competition. Pengxin people are self-improving, inspiring and enterprising, with first-class staff, first-class technology, first-class quality, first-class management, strong strength, strong brand, win the market and create a brilliant future.

2、Company core values

Concentric and moving  Gathering power and blooming 
Concentric and moving:Unity produces strength. Pengxin people are in love with each other, and they are in harmony with each other. They will unify their will and act in unison, and work together to create Pengxin's development.
Gathering power and blooming:Concentrate on the birth of hope. Pengxin people gather together, work together, unite, make progress together, develop together and create brilliance together.

3、Company spirit

Infinite innovation  Power inexhaustible
Infinite innovation:Innovation is the soul of enterprise development, and innovation is the source of power for enterprise development. The self-improvement Pengxin people are full of passion and dreams, with innovation as the will, innovation as the character, never satisfied, constantly innovating, constantly surpassing and constantly creating new miracles.
Power inexhaustible:The lofty sense of mission has spawned an infinite number of manufacturing industries, and the endless dynamism has spurred a steady stream of vitality. Pengxin people take the mission of serving the motherland as their mission, and revitalize Pengxin as their own responsibility, stimulating potential, passionate investment, inspirational and enterprising, and pursuing excellence.

4、Company innovation concept

Inspirational new Go back without going forward 
Inspirational new:Pengxin people are constantly striving for self-improvement, striving for progress, pioneering and innovating for development. Constantly explore new ideas, new fields, new undertakings; continuous innovation concepts, innovation mechanisms, innovative technologies, and innovation management.
Go back without going forward:Market competition is like going against the water, and if you don’t advance, you will retreat. Only by continuously making progress, constantly surpassing and pursuing excellence can we ensure that we will not be eliminated in the fierce market competition, and we will continue to develop and create a long-term foundation.

5、Company business philosophy

Market navigation Brand pilot Integrity
Market navigation:It is to strengthen the market concept, adhere to the market-oriented, to meet the needs of users, always seize the market opportunity and maintain the correct business direction.
Brand pilot:It is to strengthen brand awareness, win the trust of users with a good brand image, gain public support, and maintain the competitive position.
Integrity:It is to uphold the principle of good faith management, to serve customers in good faith, win the market with credit, and ensure the sustainable and healthy development of the company.

6、Company management philosophy

Science Strict specification
Science:Strengthen scientific management, adhere to scientific development, improve group management and control capabilities, integrate superior resources, and give play to the advantages of the group.
Strict:In accordance with the requirements of the market law, strict regulation of business operations; in accordance with the requirements of production rules and management rules, serious discipline, strict requirements.
specification:Establish a systematic, scientific, rigorous and standardized management system, and strictly follow the rules and regulations, and implement in place to ensure that production and operation activities are standardized, orderly and smoothly carried out.

7、Company style

Shen Simin Pragmatic
Shen Simin:It is to judge the situation, advance thinking, scientific decision-making, rapid response, and swift action.
Pragmatic:It is to uphold the truth, seek truth from facts, be down-to-earth, work hard, and be practical.

8、Corporate ethics

Loyalty Dedication Be responsible for
Loyalty:Pengxin people are loyal to the country, loyal to the company, loyal customers, sincere cooperation and create harmony.
Dedication:Pengxin people regard dedication as their character, dedication as their will, dedication and dedication.
Be responsible for:Pengxin people are diligent and dedicated, fulfill their duties, and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the party and the state to provide customers with the best products and best services.