Pengxin Group once again passed the audit and certification work of ASME “U” and “PP” certificates


On January 24, 2019, ASME “U” and “PP” joint inspection team came to Pengxin Group to conduct joint inspection of ASME “U” and “PP” certificates. Hebei Pengxin Pipeline Equipment Group Co., Ltd. passed the American Mechanical Engineering Association again. The joint inspection expert group's ASME “U” and “PP” certificates are reviewed and certified. The expert group believes that all the work of our company is in full compliance with ASME standards and requirements, and it is agreed to issue a certificate to the US ASME headquarters.

In accordance with the relevant requirements, the ASME audit and certification expert team after three days of careful examination of the quality system operation of Pengxin Group, relevant procedures, welding materials and materials supply, welder operation, product demonstration, etc., that our company is fully in line with ASME certification work requirements, agreed to continue to issue ASME "U" and "PP" two certificates.


ASME certified experts are accompanied by technicians from our factory to enter the workshop for certification review.

It is understood that ASME is recognized in the world as a complete, mature, well-structured, safe and reliable pressure vessel standard. It is the current internationally authoritative and generally recognized boiler and pressure vessel certification, and is entering the international pressure vessel market. And guidelines and passes for the power pipeline market. Pengxin Group is one of the first companies to obtain ASME “U” and “PP” certificates. This successful renewal has further consolidated Pengxin Group's leading position in the industry.


ASME Certified Professional reviews the welding material library


ASME Certified Professionals review raw materials

The success of the ASME certification in the United States marks the company's corporate management and technology continues internationally, laying a solid foundation for further breakthroughs in pressure vessel production.