The second batch of key projects in Mengcun County was held at the construction site of Pengxin Group Huawei Company!


In the midsummer, the passion is high, and the entrepreneurship is at the time! The second batch of key projects of Mengcun Hui Autonomous County was held in Hebei Huawei Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. The new ASME steel pipe and pipe fittings project was held at the construction base of Pengxin Group Huawei Company.

Zhang Lizhuang, the county magistrate, Yang Yulong, director of the Standing Committee of the County People's Congress, and all county-level leading comrades of the county party committee, government, and development zone management committee attended the groundbreaking ceremony. Ma Wenhua, the leader of the 12th Supervision Team of the Municipal Party Committee, was invited to attend the ceremony. The main responsible comrades of the township party and government, the government, the reform and development bureau, the education bureau, the Housing Construction Bureau and other county heads, Zhang Zhongwei, general manager of Hebei Pengxin Group Huawei Pipeline Co., Ltd. attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

The groundbreaking ceremony was presided over by Duan Yong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and executive deputy magistrate.

At the ceremony, Zhang Zhongwei, general manager of Hebei Pengxin Group Huawei Pipeline Equipment Co., Ltd. gave a brief introduction to the project overview: the company's new ASME joint venture steel pipe and pipe fittings project, Hebei Pengxin Pipeline Equipment Group and a famous Italian pipe and pipe manufacturing enterprise Joint venture construction. The project plans to invest 156 million yuan to build an ASME steel pipeline, pipe fitting production line and modern high-efficiency steel pipe and pipe fittings storage and distribution center. After the completion of the project, the annual output of ASME pipe fittings is 30,000 tons, ASME steel pipes are 30,000 tons, and GB steel pipes are 20,000 tons. The annual output value can reach 300 million yuan, the taxes paid will be nearly 10 million yuan, and 100 jobs will be solved.

Zhang Lizhuang, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county magistrate, delivered a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony and expressed warm congratulations to the start-up enterprises. He expressed sincere gratitude to the investors and builders who care about and support the development of Mengcun. It is pointed out that in recent years, our county has always adhered to the project support strategy and always regards the project as the first hand and the first engine. The county has spared no effort to introduce projects and go all out to build projects. The enthusiasm for project construction has not diminished and the results have continued to consolidate. The total investment of the five projects started today is 870 million yuan, covering various areas such as leading industry upgrading, emerging industry development, education and people's livelihood security, etc., which not only complements short-board and strong-chain development projects, but also lays foundation and benefits. The welfare project of the people's livelihood, the industrial structure of “one industry is the biggest” is changing to “multi-industry and strong”. These projects will inevitably add vitality to the construction of innovation-driven economically strong counties and ecologically livable beautiful Mengcun.

Zhang Lizhuang pointed out that high-quality development must have high-quality project guarantees. It is hoped that all project investors and construction and construction units will seize the golden period of construction, fight on maps, and work hard, and strive to achieve early production and early implementation. All departments at all levels in the county should take the opportunity of carrying out the "three deepening and three upgrading" activities, abide by the "pro" and "clear" business principles, create first-class conditions, provide first-class services, create a first-class environment, and strive to build Mengcun into a village. Merchants invest in a beautiful home.

At 8:30 in the morning, the county magistrate Zhang Lizhuang officially announced the official start of the project!