Domestic steel prices rose slightly, iron ore market oscillated


The demand release rate of the domestic spot steel market is accelerating, but various constraints are still more or less present, so the spot steel price increase is limited. The iron ore market is basically a volatile operation.

In the past week, the domestic spot steel price index closed at 145.21 points, up 0.46% in the week. This basically continues the trend of a small increase. Specifically, at the beginning of the week, in the case of a strong volatility in the steel futures market, the spot steel market price and price rose, and the business mentality was good. However, after the rise in steel prices, the wait-and-see sentiment of end-users began to rise again, and the continuous decline in market turnover caused the quotation of merchants to loosen. At the same time, the leading steel mills in East China opened a “fall” on the latest factory steel quotation, and to a certain extent, a little “cool breeze” to the market.

According to analysis, in the construction steel market, prices rose slightly. The average price of mainstream rebar varieties in the main markets of the country is 3,900 yuan per ton, up 35 yuan per week. From the latest steel market inventory data, the total inventory continues to decline, indicating that terminal demand is gradually being released. In addition, the steel market and billet prices have an upward momentum, which has brought certain support to the spot steel market.

In the board market, prices have generally increased. The price of hot-rolled coils continued to rise. The average market price of hot-rolled products in mainstream markets in the country was 4001 yuan per ton, up 25 yuan per week. The price of plate is obviously rising. The average price of the mainstream specifications of the main market in the country is 4217 yuan per ton, up 34 yuan per week. At present, the temperature is warming up, and the demand for terminals is gradually released, but at the same time, inventory pressure is still there, the supply of steel mills has not been greatly reduced, and different market factors are interacting.

The iron ore market is generally in a state of turbulence. In the domestic mining market, the price of iron concentrate in Hebei is basically stable, and steel mills are generally cautious in purchasing. Imported ore prices rose first and then fell. As of the 12th, 62% of imported iron ore prices were $64.75 per ton, up $1.75 a week. Although the replenishment of steel mills has increased, the port iron ore stocks have declined to some extent, but the upward momentum of the mine price is still insufficient.

Relevant institutions believe that the current domestic steel market can be described as "long and short interweaving." On the one hand, the market mentality is generally cautious, and on the other hand, it is full of expectations for the steel market to have a certain boosting effect in the future. In the short term, domestic steel prices will continue to fluctuate.