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Advantages of pipeline factory processing and preparation

Editor:河北鹏鑫管道装备集团有限公司 │ Release Time:2019-01-03 

1, shorten the installation period

Due to the factory processing and preparation, the on-site installation workload is greatly reduced, the pipe butt weld combination rate can reach 50%, the joint fillet weld joint rate can reach more than 90%, the lifting block and the block are 100% welded, the pipeline 100% processing of elbows, pipe end bevels, etc. Due to the reduction of on-site installation workload, the installation period of the four major pipelines of the power station is shortened from 5-6 months without preparation to 2 months or less (for example, the Qujing 2*300MW1# unit is installed for only 35 days). .

2, saving pipe

Factory-based processing and preparation optimizes the design and selection of materials through computer CAD, which improves the utilization of pipes. The purchase margin of the pipe is reduced from 10% of the unformed to 3-5% of the pipe, which reduces waste and reduces material costs.

3. Improve quality

Compared with the on-site open-air construction, the factory has changed the working conditions, which is conducive to specialization. The large-scale production uses special advanced processing equipment and means to control the quality of welding and inspection, and can carry out the overall heat treatment after welding. The quality of the pipeline.

4. Saving construction costs

Factoryization and preparation can greatly reduce or even eliminate the use of beveling machines, milling machines and other tools for the construction of pipelines on the construction site, reduce the site, reduce the cost of handling, maintenance, maintenance, and the number of temporary platforms and buildings, thus saving construction costs.

5, reduce the number of blows

The factory processing and preparation adopts the processes of sand blasting (pill) and pickling, which can completely remove the scales, rust and other debris inside the pipeline, and can eliminate the chemical cleaning work of individual systems before the installation, greatly reducing the number of steam flushing. Save on blowing costs. 6, improve the design

The industrialized processing and preparation optimizes the original design through CAD technology, which can further improve the design work. It can also easily correct the problem of over-dimension of pipe fittings and valves through size adjustment, which brings great convenience to construction.

7, reduce the project cost

Factory-based preparation can greatly reduce the project cost.