Technological strength

Production process control

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Quality is the foundation of an enterprise's survival. In order to ensure the quality of products and meet the requirements of customers, the company monitors the whole process from procurement to sales and service, and strives to achieve a win-win situation between Pengxin and its customers.

1. Pay attention to customer requirements, analyze carefully, and fully communicate with customers:

2. Communicate product information to customers before sale, and timely process customer inquiries, contracts or orders;

3. In the process of production organization, respond quickly to requests, suggestions and changes made by customers;

4. After delivery, actively accept customer feedback, including customer complaints, and the opinions or suggestions put forward by the customer should be carefully studied, properly handled, and responded to the customer.

5. Review before the signing of the contract and review of the changes in the contract implementation process.

6. Planning of product realization: The Planning Department is responsible for organizing the production department, sales department, supply department, technical department, quality assurance department, quality inspection department and other relevant departments to plan the product realization process, and determine the product realization according to the product quality objectives and requirements. A series of processes, including procurement and supply, production supply, inspection, storage, sales, delivery and post-delivery activities, etc., to form the necessary procedures, operating specifications, technical specifications, records and other documents.

7. Purchasing: Purchasing raw materials according to the company's procurement plan and customer requirements.

8. Production and service provision

a. The Planning Department issues a “Production Task Notice” to the Production Department according to the customer's requirements and inventory status, and clarifies the information about the product characteristics; the Production Department promptly issues the “Production Task Notice” to each branch.

b. The technical department of each branch factory supports the preparation of process requirements, work instructions, inspection guidelines and other documents in accordance with the "production task notice" and other documents;

c. Each branch organizes production according to the above arrangement, uses appropriate production equipment and testing equipment, and conducts monitoring and measurement of relevant process parameters and technical indicators in the production process;

d. Inspection and testing center, using advanced inspection and testing methods to strictly control the quality of the final product.

9. The products are released and delivered in time, and are tracked in time after delivery.

10. Customer feedback: Through the feedback of customers, understand the shortcomings of quality management and production process, and timely feedback to all functional departments, and analyze and improve to ensure that the current and future needs and expectations of customers are met.