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Power Plant


The four major pipelines of the power plant include:

1: main steam pipe (two high temperature and high pressure steam pipes between the superheater outlet header and the high pressure main steam port);

2: hot reheat steam pipe (two high temperature and high pressure steam pipes from the reheater outlet header to the medium pressure main valve port);

3: cold reheat steam pipe (two high temperature and high pressure steam pipes between the high pressure cylinder exhaust port and the reheater inlet header interface);

4: High-pressure water supply pipe (electric water supply pump outlet to the high-pressure boiler supply water pipe between the economizer inlet header interface).

And four high-pressure pipes and fittings (elbows, flanges, tees, large and small heads, elbows) for pipelines.


Chemical Plant


The chemical equipment refers to the process piping used for the downstream processing equipment of refining ethylene. There are carbon steel pipes and stainless steel pipes (seamless and welded): the commonly used carbon steel pipes are made of 20# (GB/T8163) and 20G (GB5310). 20g and 20# (GB9948) are rarely used. If it is used for Class A pipes, it must be 100% UT; the steels commonly used for stainless steel pipes are generally 304, 316L, 316Ti, etc.



Oil and gas pipeline


The oil and gas pipelines are assembled by a single pipe connected one by one. The modern oil and gas pipelines and oil and gas pipelines are made of steel pipes connected by electric welding. The steel pipe has a variety of seamless pipes, spiral seam pipes and straight seam pipes. The seamless pipe is suitable for pipes with a pipe diameter of 529 mm or less, and the spiral seam pipe and the straight seam pipe are suitable for large diameter pipes. The cross-sectional structure of the pipe of the gathering pipeline is complicated by the inner coating-steel pipe-outer insulation layer-insulation (cooling) layer; the simple one is only the steel pipe and the outer insulation layer, while the inner wall coating and the heat preservation (cold insulation) layer are both considered The oil and gas transfer process will be determined.


Urban heating pipe network


Heating polyurethane insulated steel pipe insulation pipe is widely used in liquid and gas transportation pipe network, chemical pipeline insulation engineering petroleum, chemical, centralized heating and heating network, central air conditioning ventilation pipe, municipal engineering, etc. The high temperature prefabricated direct buried thermal insulation pipe is a direct buried prefabricated thermal insulation pipe with good thermal insulation performance, safe and reliable, and low engineering cost. It effectively solves the problem of insulation, sliding lubrication and waterproofing of the pipe end of the prefabricated direct buried thermal insulation pipe for 130°C-600°C high temperature heat transfer in urban central heating.



Drilling Platform


Drilling platform piping can be divided into: bilge piping, ballast piping, ventilation piping, fire piping, daily water piping, drilling water piping, compressed air piping, fuel piping, oil piping, Hydraulic transmission pipe system, steam pipe system, boiler feed water sewage condensate pipe system, sea water (cooling water) pipe system, exhaust pipe system, solid control pipe system, mud pipe system, ash conveying pipeline system, punching pile pipe system, etc. And other uses




The ship pipeline is a pipe used to connect various mechanical equipment on the ship to transport water, oil, gas and other related working fluids. There are two main types of ship pipelines: power pipelines and ship system pipelines. The power line is used for various pipelines for the main engine and the auxiliary machine. It has fuel, oil, cooling water, compressed air, exhaust gas, waste heat and other pipelines. The ship system pipeline is to improve the ship's anti-sinking and stability, in order to meet the normal living needs of the crew and passengers.



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