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Engineering case

Engineering case



1.Pakistan Jihang 1*1263MW ultra-supercritical gas power station 

2.Pakistan Tal 2*330MW Hang Hau Power Plant

3.Zhejiang Province Thermal Power Construction Company Huaneng Yubei Power Plant 2*1000MW Phase III Project

4.PetroChina and Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and Urumqi Petrochemical Company's Fertilizer and Chemical Fiber Project

5.Shandong Chengda New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Annual production of 3 million tons of road asphalt plant project

6.Shandong Fuyu Chemical Co., Ltd. 3 million tons / year inferior quality oil refining device and supporting projects

7.China Petroleum and Natural Gas First Construction Company Gas Pipeline

8.Guodian Power Chaoyang Thermal Power 2*350MW New Project

9.Beijing Huayuan Heat Pipe Network Co., Ltd. Heating Pipe Network Project

10.Huludao Shipyard 92 type nuclear submarine part pipe fittings

11.Shipbuilding Pipe Fittings of the 718th Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Corporation





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