Hebei Pengxin Group 2021 Annual Marketing Conference was held in Mengcun Finance Center

Time: 2021-10-18 00:00:00

Author: Hebei Pengxin Pipeline Equipment Group Co., Ltd.

On the morning of February 18, Pengxin Group held the 2021 Annual Marketing Conference and Advanced Commendation Conference. Participants included group general manager Zhang Wei, deputy general managers Wang Ce, Zhang Xiaopeng, Han Shuai, Zhang Xiaoyao, Li Xiangyu, heads of various departments of the group company, and representatives of Shuangxian. The meeting was chaired by Zhang Xiaopeng, general manager of Feiting International Trading Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Pengxin Group.

 At the meeting, Zhang Wei, general manager of the group company, made the "2020 Marketing Report". Zhang Wei pointed out in the report that 2020 is an extremely extraordinary year. In the face of the epidemic, we will unite and act quickly to accurately implement various measures for epidemic prevention and control, take the lead in resuming work and production, and seize the new development pattern. Under the market opportunities, we won the 2020 anti-epidemic war and market war. Not only achieved sales growth throughout the year, but also made major breakthroughs in the company’s qualification performance. For example, in the four major pipeline piping businesses, the annual sales order exceeded 12 sets for the first time, setting a record high; the petroleum refining and chemical pipe fittings business also achieved better results. Good market performance; high-pressure alloy pipe fittings products continue to lead the market. After being selected as Dongfang Boiler Factory, they have successfully become the qualified supplier of Li Shanghai Boiler Factory and Harbin Boiler Factory, and have been consistent with the domestic "three major power" plants and boiler industry users Praise. In terms of qualifications, the group company has newly obtained BV, DNV, ABS and other relevant qualification certificates in 2020, further enhancing the group company's soft power and market competitiveness.

Zhang Zhongwei, General Manager of Pengxin Group

Pang Weiqiang, the representative of the advanced collective, and Liu Jiuru, the advanced individual, respectively took the stage to speak. They said that they would start with honor and make persistent efforts to continue to struggle and make new achievements in the new year.

Representative of Advanced Collective Pang Weiqiang

Advanced personal representative Liu Jiuru

Han Shuai, Minister of Commerce of the Group Corporation, made arrangements for market development in 2021. He said: "2021 is the first year of the country’s 14th Five-Year Plan. With the implementation of a new round of western development, development of urban agglomerations, major hubs, new infrastructure, environmental protection upgrades, and the implementation of national policies and regulations. Implementation will form a new driving force for economic development, which is good for Pengxin Group. We must seize the development opportunities brought by national and industrial policies and continue to improve our marketing capabilities. We must increase brand promotion and let customers know our Advantages. We must carry out marketing innovation and make product quality a booster for our market development. We must also develop strong competitive products and competitive regional markets to enhance our marketing capabilities."

Minister of Commerce Han Shuai

Finally, the leaders and colleagues who participated in the annual marketing meeting took a group photo and had lunch together to talk about the beautiful prospects of 2021.

Dinner scene


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